Amelia Island Concourse d'Elegance
Pictures from March 8 through 12, 2001

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To open the trip, we see this friendly fellow diving in Maryland while playing his little horn.
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Matt driving early Friday morning, somewhere in South Carolina

Just as the sun comes up Friday. It was warm! Me and Alvaro just work up and we hunted down a "Waffle House". Despite the fact that there is one at every major intersection in the South, it was a really horrible breakfast.

Here we are trying to figure out how long we had to go.

We made it! We left at about 4pm, arrived 9am the next day. Not bad! The 240D covered the 1000 miles without a problem. The view here is from the balcony of Rusty's condo. A beautiful place! Thanks again Rusty!

Here's a view from the beach, I caught the old man in there.

Beach. Its was in the 60s, very pleasant weather.

Out front, loads and loads of cars were going by. There must have been 100 Ferraris driving around on the island! We were more interested in resting for a little while.

We went hunting around the Ritz-Carlton, the hotel the show was being held at. We found all the trailers and a few new Bentleys hiding in the back.

Oh yes, that's one big-rig!

We started sneaking around to the front of the Ritz Carlton. We were convinced we were not supposed to be there, so we were very careful not to be noticed.

These people had some really premium parking. This is an original Stutz racing car.

MB had their little display with a giant rotating star. We were sneaking our way around the front, still not sure if we were going to be yelled at.

Getting closer....

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